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MadMask ( Usaga Demichee) is MS.WARE's mascot and is a villainous character in the Warandeon universe. He is

an aspiring villain and tends to do things he think is "evil" but are just plain stupid and not evil at all. He is like the Ameba Boys from The PowerPuff Girls.

His age is unknown, but he is around the age of where he can drink, drive, and smoke. No one has known of what's under Usaga's mask, it is only known that he has a mouth with razor sharp teeth.



Usaga's appearance isn't that fascinating. He's just a person in a jet black suit of some sort that covers him head to toe and has a creepy white mask with big, black holes and a wide, long creepy smile that curls halfway to the top of the mask. This hence Usaga's nickname: MadMask.



He is a pretty childish character. Idiotic and a huge wannabe, he tries too hard to be mean and on purposely is selfish. But we all know he can't cage his true, nice self forever.



  • Usaga hates being called his real name
  • His favorite food is cupcakes and sushi
  • His favorite hobby is "people watching", which is pretty self-explanatory. It's like birdwatching, but with people.
  • Sammy D. usually goes by MadMask sometimes.

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